Jhalana is situated at the south eastern part of the pink city Jaipur,the total area of jhalana is approximately 20 Sq kms,the Aravali range is running from top to bottom in the jhalana,the northern part of jhalana is divided as the Amagarh forest which make jhalana an isolated and fragmented piece of forest in an urban environment a lot of plant,animal and bird species is residing in jhalana.Jhalana is dry decidous forest and the tree s here mostly shed their leaves in dry season and get green during monsoons,the reserve mostly has Tortilis and also khejri.The hill slopes have more varieties of trees which are native to the region which consist of Dhonk,Salar,Kumta etc. The leopard residing here is the apex predator apart from leopard striped hyenas ,blue bulls,spotted deer and Sambhar,desert fox,jackals,rusty cat also spotted here.Desert cat and Jungle cats can also be seen apart from this a lot of bird varieties including resident and migratory birds and serpent eagle,sparrow hawk,honey buzzards,short toed eagle also visit Jhalana every year,Jhalana has lot of residents bird species and that include wide variety of owls like spotted,scops,rock eagle,woodpecker,hoves,pigeons,Robbins and Peacock are also found in abundance here. Jhalana leopard reserve is divided into three zones for safari after confirmed booking guest only can visit in Gypsy which is six seater and go into any zone that they like but terrain in each zone is different but each zone give equal chance of sighting Leopards and other wild animals and birds in their habitat.

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